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Bizarre Items Left on Planes

We've all done it.

After the potentially stressful period of travelling to a new destination using public transport or airlines, it's easy to forget things such as our bag, sunglasses, or even cardigan and scarfs behind. As you walk away, it eventually clicks that you've forgotten the item and you are able to retrace your steps to collect it..... but what happens to those more unusual items that are forgotten and never remembered?

A recent report by Skyscanner has revealed some of the stranger items left on planes including dentures, bags of sand, diamonds, dried fish and handcuffs! A marriage proposal written on a piece of paper, an egg with no packaging, a double bass, and even a wedding dress complete with shoes and tiara were just some of the things found. Very strange, however we do wonder how the larger items could possibly be forgotten!

These are just some of the items found and logged by over 700 airline staff from 83 different countries across the globe. Although it's not all weird and wonderful; some of the more commonly forgotten items include those that are easier to forget if they fall on the floor, or slip between the seats. 24% of airline staff surveyed found passports, 23% found mobile telephones and tablets and 21% found various books and reading material.

A great way to not forget anything on your trip is to simply live out of your bag for the journey. If you get a book out, put it back once you've finished reading. If you have multiple bags, for example if you have been shopping, bring a couple of cable ties with you for the journey so that you can thread them through the handles and keep everything as one unit. That way, the smaller bags for example can't sneakily wiggle their way under your seat and get forgotten!

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