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Best Cities Worldwide for Hotels Revealed

You've picked your destination, now is the time to choose the perfect place to stay. From sea-views to room service and breakfast menus, these are all elements of hotels that we consider when choosing our new home for the next two weeks on our holidays. However, a recent survey has revealed which cities are the best choices when it comes down to accommodation and for those of you who think that London, New York and Paris would be top of the list, you're wrong and you're not alone in your thinking.

The research, conducted by a hotel booking website, revealed that the top destination for booking a great hotel was Cape Town in South Africa scoring 8.43 out of 10. Seven million customer testimonials were analysed and the results were put together based on certain criteria that included value for money, location, helpfulness and pleasant staff, comfort and cleanliness of the room as well as quality of food and dining options.

Classic and popular holiday destinations made the list including the Maldives at second place, the Seychelles at fifth place as well as Santorini ranking seventh. Edinburgh was the only city in the UK to make the list ranking in 18th place.


The top 25 best cities for hotels:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Maldives
  3. Zermatt, Switzerland
  4. Queenstown, New Zealand
  5. Seychelles
  6. Budapest, Hungary
  7. Santorini, Greece
  8. Bruges, Belgium
  9. Gdansk, Poland
  10. Hoi An, Vietnam
  11. Sofia, Bulgaria
  12. Crete Island, Greece
  13. Verona, Italy
  14. Rotura, New Zealand
  15. Khao Lak, Thailand
  16. Hualien, Taiwan
  17. Sunshine Coast, Australia
  18. Edinburgh, Scotland
  19. Cuzco, Peru
  20. Chicago, USA
  21. Krakow, Poland
  22. Nagano, Japan
  23. Durban, South Africa
  24. Granada, Spain
  25. Marrakech, Morocco

Tips for choosing the perfect hotel:

Ask lots of questions before you book to ensure that the hotel will meet your needs. What time is breakfast and do they offer options for allergy sufferers? Do they have any hotel entertainment (and will the noise affect the children's sleeping)? Do you need a room on the ground floor and is it easily accessible? There are plenty of practical questions to ask as well as the usual ones regarding en-suites and the size of the room.

Check the location of the hotel. Often hotels that are conveniently located in the city centre amongst all the hubbub of activity are generally more expensive than if you were to stay a little further afield. What's your budget like? Would you prefer to be located within walking distance of restaurants and activities or are you happy to get transport to places that you need to go? If you're planning on staying further away from the places you plan on visiting, weigh up the savings you are making from the location of the hotel compared to the costs of travelling - you may find that it is in fact cheaper (and easier!) to choose the more expensive hotel.

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