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Backpacker Travel Insurance

Welcome to Alpha Travel Insurance and our specialist customer approved travel insurance for all you backpackers.

Whether you are backpacking around Europe, going to work abroad, becoming part of an overseas charity project, or simply travelling to broaden your mind, you should ensure that you have the right longstay and backpacker travel insurance to cover you whilst on your travels.

Longstay backpacker insurance policies to suit you

At Alpha we aim to offer you policies and premiums that suit your budget without removing essential elements of cover. All Alpha longstay insurance policies for backpackers provide the same level of cover, with the option to decide on how much you would like to contribute towards a claim; a higher excess lowers your premium and a lower excess will increase it. Of course the most important things is that you're covered for all eventualities when travelling the world.

If your itinerary includes sporting activities or adrenaline thrill seeking whilst on your trip, take a look at the longstay activity pack to check if you need to purchase extra cover.

Backpacking insurance cover includes

Whether you're looking to find yourself, explore the World, work abroad or simply take a long-earned, extended break, you can find insurance cover to fit your needs. All of our longstay travel insurance policies provide:


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Longstay / Backpacker travel insurance FAQs

Q. How long can I backpack for on a longstay policy?

A. You are able to travel on the longstay policy for up to 744 days maximum (24 months)

Q. I'm going backpacking, but don't have a return date for my trip, is this OK?

A. Yes, this is fine. Our longstay policies offer complete flexibility for cover; you can choose to extend your policy whilst on your trip as many times you like by contacting us prior to the current expiry date, providing the total duration of your trip does not exceed 24 months, from the original start date of the policy.

If you do need to make a claim however, you will need to provide proof of intent to return home for this to be processed.

Q. I have already begun my trip/out of the UK, can you provide cover?

A. Yes, you can purchase travel insurance post-departure if the following apply:

If these apply, you can call our customer service team for a quote. Please note, online-purchased policies will not be valid if you have already left the UK, so you must call.

If you have already exceeded the 3 days out of the UK, you can call us and each situation will be reviewed by our Underwriters on a case-by-case basis.

Backpacking and travelling tips

Our backpacker travel advice section has plenty of ideas for backpacking, gap years and long stay tips as well as pre-travel, post-travel and preparation tips.

Still unsure about backpacker travel insurance? Read our FAQs.

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