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American Travels the World on a Shoestring Budget of Just £6.50 a Day!

If you've ever dreamed of travelling the world but believe it to be too expensive, think again! An American University student shows what you can really do on a shoestring budget by living off just £6.50 a day by touring the world on her trusty bicycleand sleeping under the stars.

Shirine Taylor, the 21 year old student from Oregon, saved up £2,000 to see the world on her shoestring budget and gets from country to country by cycling up to six hours a day covering 7,000 miles with her boyfriend, Kevin. Shirine and Kevin have been on the road for 17 months and are currently exploring Turkey. Her daily budget includes everything from flights to visas to food and vaccines.

"œI've always been very curious about the world and the people that live in it," Shirine said, "œAfter completing my first year at University I decided that my formal education could wait so I set off to cycle around the world and live your dreams."

Shirine wakes up every day at sunrise, cycles six hours a day, as well as washing her clothes in a river and eating over a campfire. Her day ends by spending every night sleeping in a tent under the stars.

Breakdown of costs:

Likening the trip to a television sitcom, she believes the key to the success of her trip is her willingness and good sense of humour.

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