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Airline Fees – Would You Be Happy to Pay Extra?

Did you know that cabin baggage, hand baggage, meals and the ability to choose your seat used to be included as standard within the price of a plane ticket? However more and more airlines are choosing to not include these within the cost of a standard plane ticket and ask passengers to pay for these items separately. Low cost airline provider Ryanair even toyed with the idea of making passengers pay £1 for every time they wanted to use the toilet.

However despite the airlines charging for added extras, a recent survey by Fly has revealed the top things that customers look for when booking a flight, including what they will and will not pay for.

Charging for checked baggage was number one on the list with 89% of survey participants strongly believing that airlines should stop making travelers pay and include this as standard. In-flight meals were not considered to be as essential with only 40% of respondents saying that they should be complimentary.

Other than not charging for baggage, the majority of people that took part in the survey rated comfort and efficiency to be an all-important factor of their airline experience that they were willing to pay extra for, both on and off-board the aircraft. Space in the aircraft proved to be an issue; with 45% of travelers prepared to pay extra for more legroom, 26% would pay to have the middle seat next to them empty, and 34% would be happy to pay for the seat in front of theirs to not recline.

Efficiency wise, 36% said that they would like to have the option of purchasing a 'fast pass' to speed through security and checks, alongside 35% who would pay extra to have their luggage arrive first on the carousel at baggage reclaim.

Even though travelers did not want to pay extra for their cabin bags, they would be quite happy to shell out to have a dedicated space in the overhead locker for their hand luggage.

The issue of reclining seats has always been a controversial topic in the past. Many people are not happy to compromise on their own space and comfort if the seat in front is reclined. A survey completed last October by flight comparison website Skyscanner revealed that 9 out of 10 people would be happy to have reclined seats removed altogether.

What are your thoughts on these subjects? Let us know in the comments below.

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