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9 Strangest (but oddly useful) Travel Gadgets

Travelling can be a stressful time for anyone, no matter how much planning you have managed to squeeze in to those anticipative hours before you leave the UK. There's always something you wished you had packed.

Helpfully, there is a huge abundance of gadgets and apps on the market specifically for this purpose (we suspect Candy Crush was invented just for the moment you discover your flight is delayed by another two hours).
Some, make sense and are actually used every single day by millions of worldwide travellers and some are just plain weird. Alpha Travel Insurance have listed the definitive ten strangest travel gadgets:

#1 UpRight Sleeper
You may have seen this before, and the idea went viral a couple of months ago. Basically, this gadget holds your head up in a sort of neck brace/frame, allowing you to sleep whilst sat or even standing upright without doing that really annoying thing where you sleep with your dribbly-chin on your chest, swaying from side to side (and waking up to a really sore neck!)

#2 The Suitcase Scooter
Yes, you read that right. The suitcase scooter was invented by a guy who was inspired after once forgetting his luggage when travelling to pick up another award. The case, which works like an inventive tricycle even comes included with a throttle, GPS, alarm system, horn, brakes and lights, reaching speeds of 12mph.

#3 The Collapsible Boot
For those adventurous travellers who find it hard to fit everything into a 3ft tall backpack, these shoes collapse their entire nylon and leather body in order to make more room in your luggage.

#4 b-tourist
Think of a gigantic fabric stretchy-band which you can put across the headrest in front of you, and behind your own to create a full fabric partition or partial wall between you and your surroundings. It also allows you to store your valuables, and can act as a pillow.

#5 Ostrich pillow
Famous also due to its online viral presence, the ostrich pillow isn't really a pillow or a cushion. In fact, it's more of a hat, really. The Ostrich pillow is really like a quilted balaclava, covering the head but leaving enough space for the mouth and nose whilst the wearer sleeps. Invented to be a solution for those waiting at airports of for commuters travelling home, the pillow also includes two side holes for the nappers to slide their hands in.

#6 Portable bidet
The advertisers of this product market it as a 'superior alternative to wiping', allowing users to 'expect better hygiene all round'. The portable bidet is small and lightweight, has a strong water flow and an adjustable neck for all-round coverage.

#7 Mobile cup holder
Grabbing a cup of coffee before running to catch your flight isn't unusual for our Alpha Travel Insurance regular fliers, and having to deal with a hot drink potentially about to blow all over your clothes or luggage just adds extra stress to the situation. The mobile cup holder is a contraption which suspends your drink between the upright handles of your rolling suitcase.

#8 Air-conditioning jacket
These awesome inventions were designed in Japan by Hiroshi Ichigaya and feature two small battery-powered fans which blow refreshing cool air around the jacket whilst it is being worn. The fans are rechargeable, making it an ideal gadget to go travelling to hot climates with!

#9 Body pack
Kind of like the fanny pack, this bag works on a similar premise. Strap it diagonally around your chest instead of your waist, like a really small messenger bag. Ideal for keeping valuables and cash close to you in busy cities.

If you plan on investing in any of these weird but wonderful gadgets, make sure you also invest in some of Alpha's great travel insurance policies, which cover you for personal possessions. With our Gadget extension and affordable premiums, you can make sure that in the event that you lose, damage, or get your gadget stolen, it doesn't ruin your holiday.

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