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82% of Brits take part in adventurous holidays but are they covered?

Following the news that four people were injured and hospitalised at 2015's Pamplona festival, Alpha Travel Insurance explains what you should look out for when booking such adrenaline fuelled activities.

Pamplona has always been known to be one of the most dangerous festivals and vacation options with not only people being injured but unfortunate deaths occurring. But it is not just the famous bull-running festival that is a cause for concern. There are many other such festivals such as La Tomatina in Spain, Cheese-Rolling in Wake and even Carnival in Rio.

Recent research published by the FCO shows a worrying trend of inadequate cover for holiday activities. The research found that less than half (45%) of young Brits check the activities that their policy covers, despite 4 out of 5 (82%) admitting to taking part in more adventurous behaviour when on holiday.

There are many different types of protection options when it comes to travel insurance policies and unfortunately many people choose the incorrect cover for their holiday and not consider buying an adventure add-on. While standard holidays will cover you for a range of low-risk activities such as climbing or cycling other activities such as sky diving or zip trekking will not be covered.

When it comes to extreme holidays such as Pamplona a standard travel insurance policy will not cover you at all for partaking in such a risky activity. But other festivals such as La Tomatina or Carnival may be covered, as long as you have the right policy. It is always worth checking with your insurer whether or not the festival you will be attending will be covered in your travel policy.

All holidaymakers need to ensure they carefully read their policy wording before they set off on their trip. When planning a holiday you should decide whether or not you will be taking part in risky activities and if so you should discuss cover options with your insurer."

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