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7 Things You Don’t Want to Bring on Your Holiday

It's a familiar sight. The suitcase is tossed in to the bed and flung open as you shove clothes, toiletries and that extra pair of flip-flops (you know, just in case) in to the already over packed case in an excited flurry the night before your holiday.

However in the packing frenzy, have you accidentally packed something that is not allowed in the country you are visiting? There isn't a worse way to start your holiday than being pulled up at the airport for packing an item you didn't realise would be banned; from chewing gum to kinder egg chocolate it makes sense to get clued up about these forbidden items before you travel.

Pepper spray - United Kingdom and Singapore

Some countries allow pepper spray into the country purely for self-defense, however the majority consider it to be a weapon. Just don't pack it.

Poppy seeds - UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore

In the UK, poppy seeds are a common kitchen ingredient used in a variety of dishes, however if you are travelling to the Middle East be aware that these are banned here. Poppy seeds can also be found in bread and in baked goods, so make sure you're not found with these too or you could be in deep trouble and face a four year jail sentence.

Worship statues - Maldives

When visiting the Maldives, it's important to realise that the nation's state religion is Islam and any other religion is not permitted. The government is very strict when it comes to religion and has therefore banned any import of statues, figurines or idols that can be used to worship other religions. If you are found to be carrying another religious book that is not about Islam, this is considered to be a crime and many tourists have been routinely arrested.

Kinder Eggs - USA

You may think of this as a strange thing to be banned in the USA, when a lot of the food is supersized and the fizzy drinks come in bright colours. However this small chocolatey treat is banned because of the small toy parts and is considered to be a choking hazard. The ban is very strict with regular warnings being issued and notices against carrying them. So make sure that you don't pack any of these in your case as you could be issued a very costly $2,500 fine... per egg!

Baby Walker - Canada

Leave the baby walker at home if you want to avoid a $100,000 fine! The country banned the use of these in 2004 following research showing them to be a main cause of accidents among children!

Chewing gum - Singapore

Make sure you don't get yourself in to a sticky spot whilst visiting Singapore! The country is not keen on chewing gum and if you are caught, you could be liable to pay up to S$10,000 - a heavy price to pay! The reason for the ban dates back to 1987 when the new metro system was implemented, and then ruined by people dropping and sticking gum to the doors and seats - not pleasant! Five years later, the country decided that gum would be banned completely from the country.

Dog breeds - New Zealand, Australia and Thailand

For those of you that can't bear to be parted from your furry friend and are planning to bring your pooch with you on holiday, be aware that certain breeds of dog are banned in certain places. If you are the proud owner of an American Pit Bull Terrier, a Brazilian Fila, a Dogo Argentino, a Japanese Tosa, or a Perro de Presa Canario, these are considered to be 'wild breeds' and could be a danger to humans and other animals. These breeds in particular are banned from Australia and New Zealand, whereas the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier are forbidden in Thailand.

We hope that this article has helped you prepare for your trip (and not get caught out!) - Please feel free to like and share this post using the social share links above and you could be helping others to learn a bit more about what they should and should not be packing!

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