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7 helpful travel apps you must download before you go abroad

There are tonnes of great travel guides that you should definitely read before you go away, but what about when you’re actually abroad? Travel apps are growing in popularity, providing a great source of information on everything from what to eat and where to go, to navigating a city and tracking your finances.

With a plethora of apps available on the iOS and Android stores, how do you know which ones will actually come in handy? To save you the hassle of searching and reading hundreds of reviews, we’ve found seven of the best.


1) Citymapper

Google Maps is usually the go-to navigation app, but it’s not the only one available. Citymapper is perfect for travellers who love city breaks, and it contains a lot more information than Google Maps. Available in 30 cities worldwide, including Hong Kong, New York, Boston and Singapore, the app delivers real-time journey information, so you know exactly when that next bus or train is due.

You can even compare your transport options by time, cost and the number of calories you’ll burn! Navigating a major city has never been so easy.

Citymapper is free to download on Android and iOS


2) Snapseed

Don’t use Instagram or don’t like its limited editing options? Snapseed is for you. All of your smartphone holiday photos will look better than ever thanks to this app, as it allows to adjust your images in a number of ways. Tweak the saturation, ambiance, structure, contrast, etc. to your heart’s content. That’s one way to make the folks at home envious.

Snapseed is free to download on Android and iOS


3) Bravolol Phrasebook – Learn Languages

Carrying a physical phrasebook around just isn’t that convenient when you’re abroad. Not only do they tend to cover just one language, no good if you’re going backpacking and visiting several countries, you can never find the phrase you need right then with ease. Apps like Bravolol’s change all that – it contains simple phrases for 13 different languages, including Spanish, French, Korean and Japanese.

It’s easy to search for the phrase you want to know; either use the search bar or select one of the relevant categories, which range from shopping and eating, to emergency and greetings. The app will pronounce the phrase for you, allowing you to repeat it with ease.

Bravolol is free to download on Android and iOS


4) TripAdvisor

Most travellers will have heard of TripAdvisor, but if you haven’t, it’s a helpful website that allows you to look up user reviews of attractions, restaurants, hotels, and more. It’s well-worth downloading the app – that way, you can see what the best eateries and attractions are near you. If you want to become an active part of the community, you can even leave your own reviews and answer people’s questions.

TripAdvisor is free to download on Android and iOS


5) XE Currency

Working out how much something costs abroad in real terms (i.e. your home currency) can be difficult, which is why XE Currency is a ‘must’ download. This conversion app supports almost every currency worldwide and exchange rates are updated regularly, making tracking them incredibly easy. Best of all, it stores information about the currencies you’ve looked up recently, meaning you can covert even when you’re not connected to wi-fi.

XE Currency is available to download for free on almost every platform


6) Foodspotting

We all have those days when your stomach is rumbling for something specific and Foodspotting allows you to hunt down what you’re craving. This visual app is a bit like Instagram, but dedicated to food. People upload images of a great dish they’ve just had somewhere they’d like to recommend. Others can then track down the restaurant, bakery, café, etc. and try it for themselves!

Foodspotting is available to download for free on Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry


7) Trail Wallet

The ideal budgeting app, Trail Wallet will help you keep an eye on what you’re spending on holiday. You can see exactly how much you’re paying out each day and where the majority of your budget is going. The app will even alert you when you’re going over-budget, and let you know where you could cut down costs. It goes without saying it’s a fantastic app for business travellers too, as tracking your expenses is incredibly simple.

Trail Wallet is free to download on iOS (for the first 25 ‘items’)

We hope at least a couple of the apps are useful to you on your next trip. Just remember to protect any smartphones or tablets you’re taking with gadget insurance – anything could happen abroad!

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