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5 Trips You Must Take Before They Disappear Forever

For those of you who have made one of this year's resolutions to travel more, we believe that there is simply no better time than now to make a start on crossing things off your bucket list. However the first question that stumps many wannabe-travellers is simply 'where do I go?' And with so many places to choose from in the big wide world, it can be a tricky question to answer.

In this blog post, we are going to showcase the destinations that you should definitely visit before it's too late. With global warming affecting the snow caps on Mount Kilimanjaro and islands sinking into the Pacific Ocean, each of them is threatened. You may never get to experience some of these treasures in quite the same way in the not-too-distant future...


  1. Visit the snow on Kilimanjaro

Way back in 1938, Ernest Hemingway had just published 'The Snows of Kilimanjaro' - a short story set on the magnificent winter slopes of this mountain in Tanzania. Between then and 2011 the situation has changed dramatically, with more than 85% of the ice cover melting away on this African mountain. Many climbers have conquered this mountain in previous years, but it's only a matter of time before the ice melts completely.

  1. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is at the top of to-do lists for many travellers wishing to explore the outback and everything that Australia has to offer. Stretching across the North-East Australian coast for more than 1,400 miles, it's the largest living structure in the entire world and home to some of the most amazing underwater life and coral reefs. However research has shown that the coral is in danger; there has been a 50% decline in coral over recent years and currently Unesco is deciding on whether to class the reef as officially endangered.


  1. Walk to the North Pole

For some of the most experienced explorers, conquering the magnetic north has almost become a rite of passage; however for generations of the future (including your great-grandkids) this will not be possible. When we reach the summer of 2100, the sea ice will not be at true magnetic north and for a trip that is already very challenging, polar exploration will be even harder.

  1. Visit the Kriribati, Pacific Ocean

Situated within the Pacific Ocean are the islands of Micronesia, Kiribati - 33 to be exact, all with central lagoons and the option to surf, scuba dive or just relax. However the islands are sinking - and very fast in the scheme of things. Authorities are concerned that the islands could be totally submerged underwater before the end of the century is up. With current inhabitants of 100,000, people are already departing the island to relocate to New Zealand.

  1. Fuel your adrenaline by skiing down the world's most fearsome ski run (complete with real snow, for now)

For those that enjoy hitting the slopes each season, be warned that the temperatures are rising and the snow is melting. This is especially concerning for the low-lying Alpine ski runs, which are currently at their most warmest than they have been within the last 1,000 years. Kitzbuhel resort is popular due to one of the world's most fearsome ski runs, the Streif, however receiving a less consistent snowfall means that the resort is likely to rely on expensive artificial snow in future years.


We hope that this has infused the wanderlust in you - if you enjoyed this post please feel free to share it using the social sharing icons above, as well as booking that plane ticket to experience some of the fantastic places on this list!

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