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48% of Brits Would Give Up Social Media for Extra Annual Leave

It's a drizzly wet November morning and you're stuck in the office working when you'd rather be off seeing the world or spending time with friends and family. So what would you give up for extra annual leave?

That's exactly the question posed to a number of holiday-deprived individuals, with 75% of those surveyed feeling this way.

The top answer of things Brits would give up was junk food at 50% followed closely by social media at 48%, whereas on the other end of the scale 16% of respondents would give up showering... eek!

  1. Junk food - 50%
  2. Social media - 48%
  3. Alcohol - 43%
  4. Dessert - 42%
  5. Coffee - 41%
  6. Television - 31%
  7. Sex - 28%
  8. Mobile phone - 25%
  9. Internet - 17%
  10. Showers - 16%

Annual leave entitlement of other nations... and the days they actually use:

As the survey results above show, us Brits would be willing to give up items in return for more annual leave, however there are countries such as Hong Kong and South Korea that are entitled to less days than we are. 61% of Brits says that they would be happy to switch jobs if their new one offered them more annual leave than if they were offered a pay rise.

And for those who do not take all their allocated days? According to the Expedia study, 19% of those quizzed said that their busy schedules did not allow any room for time off, whilst 18% decided to carry any remaining days over to the next working year.

The survey showed that Brits are less likely to cancel or postpose their trip if work commitments cropped up (24% are guilty!), with the first three months of the year being the prime time for the first wave of holiday time to be booked off.

It's important to take time off from working as these days are meant for you to relax and unwind. Travelling is a great use of annual leave as it allows you to experience new cultures and leave you to return to work feeling truly refreshed and happy.

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