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Airport Lounges

Depending on your time of travel, but more often than not, airports across the country will be bustling with people ranging from fast-moving and seasoned professionals, families, backpackers and so on, travelling with a range of purpose to different corners of the globe. Some like to travel at a leisurely pace and others like to whizz past as quickly as possible, but one thing is for sure, that there is no guarantee of a smooth check in and departure every time.

Massive queues, hoards of security checks, unsociable travelling hours...there are many reasons why your visit to the airport can quickly turn in to your worst nightmare and this is why travelling through can be considered one of the most stressful and time consuming parts of getting to your destination. On many occasions, your experience at the airport could take longer than the flight itself! Once you've checked in, had your bags weighed and completed the security checks, you've still got a minimum two hour wait until your flight! The airport shops and restaurants are usually busy, expensive and overcrowded, offering no chance to relax before you board your flight... so what do you do to keep yourself (and the kids) entertained?

Alpha Travel Insurance has teamed up with Holiday Extras to provide a range of airport lounges with the following benefits:

Consider treating yourself to an exclusive VIP airport lounge pass and enjoy a range of complimentary services in clean and comfortable surroundings. Add a touch of luxury to your holiday from just £13.50; it's the perfect answer if you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Whilst airports have evolved dramatically over the last decade and processes have been improved by incorporating innovative technology, entertainment and retail opportunities and some enjoy the chance to get lost within the departure lounge, why not start your travels in style and relax with a feel of exclusivity before enduring a plane journey that may often be far from pleasant. This is the perfect opportunity for those who become nauseous when flying and suffer from travel sickness, this may be just the ticket to help you relax and prepare for your flight.

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