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Airport Hotels

The size and scale of most airport operations, twinned with scoring a cheaper flight, often means that your departure time may be scheduled during the early hours of the morning, but it is naturally inconvenient to travel during these unsociable times. For many, staying up all night and sacrificing sleep is all too common, but means that you begin your holiday feeling tired and stressed. This can really take its toll on your body and leave you unable to enjoy the first few days of your holiday, especially if you catch jet lag too!

Alpha Travel Insurance has partnered with Holiday Extras to offer a wide range of airport hotel packages that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Benefits include:

There is something rather special about flying in the midst of the night, but there is also something quite stressful about having to rush around after your normal day would have long finished and hours before you would normally be emerging. This can be avoided by taking residence in a local hotel the night before you fly so you get ample time to relax and unwind whilst preparing for your flight in good time. The best way to tackle a long trawl through the airport is to prepare for it properly and not rush from a-to-b in record time.

A preferred alternative to travelling during the night is by booking an airport hotel. It is convenient and allows to you simply relax and recharge, knowing that you have already completed a significant part of your trip and are a short stroll away from the airport. Amenities in airport hotels are extensive and you will always find somewhere to catch something to eat and/or drink close by, often in the hotel itself. This will give you the perfect opportunity to plan the long day ahead and set your stool out before it's too late. This may also be an excellent choice if you have young children or if you are elderly (or have elderly people accompanying you on your travels) as it helps to break up the travelling which can often be a long and tiring experience spent on your feet.

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