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International Tea Day – 2016

Tea, glorious tea. Green tea, Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Matcha, Chai and bubble…the possibilities are endless.

Millions of people indulge in a cuppa everyday around the world, it’s a staple of culture, community and hospitality, so let’s celebrate this wonderful creation! It is International Tea Day afterall (yes, that is a very real thing, and why the heck not?!).

Take a look at some of the varieties on offer and why not try a new one on your travels?

Tea world


The Great British Cuppa...what else?


Iced tea, cool like the cowboys


Cay is served with most meals in a pretty glass with a teeny spoon


Karkadeh is sweet and sour with dried rose flower


Minted green tea is linked to hospitality


Brewed with a samovar and served post dinner


Matcha is used in traditional tea ceremonies


All kinds of green teas and leaves


Chai, chai and more chai. Indian people drink the most tea in the world!


They mix butter into their tea?!

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