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Are you a Responsible Tourist?

So we may not all be responsible adults, but we can definitely work towards being a more responsible tourist.


There are a number of small steps we can all take whilst holidaying, travelling and site-seeing to minimise the negative impacts a lot of commercial tourism can have.

What is responsible tourism?

There are a lot of misconceptions around responsible tourism – don’t worry, you don’t have to be an uber-green eco-warrior to be a responsible tourist; however you want to phrase it, ‘responsible’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco’ tourism are all about reducing the negative social, economic and environmental impacts tourism has on the local communities we visit. All sounds rather confusing…hence why us helpful folk at Alpha have thrown together some easy guidelines to help us all become more responsible tourists (not necessarily adults).

Why responsible tourism?

In a lot of cases, responsible tourism is a matter of respect; for local traditions, cultures and environment. It’s important to be ‘culturally sensitive’ in order to preserve the well-being of the local host communities, boost their economy and fully immerse yourself in your travels – what’s the point in being somewhere new and exciting if not to learn the culture, try the cuisine or buy local-made souvenirs? The promotion of being a responsible tourist aims to create a greater respect between tourists and the local people, so that everyone can benefit from the tourism industry in multiple, sustainable ways.

How to be a responsible tourist

So, here are just a few simple guidelines to take your first steps to becoming a more responsible tourist…yay!

So there we have it, follow our guide and we’re well on the way to making this world a better place. Happy Days.

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