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In The Press

Our 'in the press' page contains all of the articles and features that Alpha Travel Insurance has been mentioned in. Below you will find a range of articles including case studies, price comparisons, infographics and travel articles. Simply click 'read more' to view the complete article.

For other media mentions, please visit our dedicated Press Releases page.

9 November 2015: Are you covered on the slopes?

Failing to buy winter sports cover before you hit the slopes could be painful in more ways than one. Alpha explains all you need to know about skiing and snowboarding this winter season in this Moneywise article.
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5 August 2015: Holidaymakers are going cashless

Whether you take plastic, notes, cheques or cash cards abroad with you when you go on holiday it's important to keep them safe. Our latest travel money survey revealed some interesting facts about how customers are spending money overseas. Moneyfacts explores the results from the Alpha survey.
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11 July 2015: Our holiday checklist: Find the best deals for your wallet

Heading abroad on holiday can be a costly event - flights, currency exchanges, food, accommodation, travel insurance all to name but a few. So when it comes to finding the best deal, where do you start? Alpha was mentioned in The Guardian for having best value holiday insurance this summer season.
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23 October 2014: Schumacher accident causes major fears with over 80% of skiers claiming they will now wear helmets

Following on from Schumacher's accident on the slopes, this winter season our customers are vowing to be more safety conscious based on the results of our recent winter survey. The attitudes of those embarking on a winter filled holiday are changing with 82% of respondents saying that they will now be wearing a helmet for fear of their own safety.
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23 October 2014: Skiers expected to be more safety-conscious after Schumacher accident

Our recent winter sports holiday survey showed that 85% of those who do take out travel insurance, 11% made their decision on the best policy based on price alone and not looking at what was covered until they needed to make a claim. In this article, the costs of piste rescue are explained as well as the benefits of purchasing specialist snowboarding and skiing insurance, such as Alpha's Wintersports policy.
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28 April 2014: Are You Too Old to Claim?

Many travel insurance companies are refusing to cover the needs of the older traveller simply because of their age, but then still charging them for the cost of the policy. However Alpha Travel Insurance can cater for the older explorer and provides travel cover up to the age of 115 - this article explores how to obtain holiday insurance and what you need to look for when purchasing.
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25 April 2014: European Health Insurance Card is 10 Years Old - But what is it?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, however a recent survey revealed that 13% of travelers are still unsure of what it covers and why you need one. In this article, find out exactly what you need to know about the EHIC alongside some important advice from the Brand Manager of Alpha Travel Insurance.
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8 March 2014: Gap year students - how to avoid expensive pitfalls on your trip

Avid backpacker, Sophie Morbey, didn't think of purchasing travel insurance for Thailand until the day before her trip. But after falling to the ground from a Thai roof bar and breaking her ankle she needed to have an operation. In this article, Sophie shares her incredible story and explains how her £68 Alpha Travel insurance policy saved her £4,000 in medical bills.
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24 January 2014: 13 unusual summer trips you have to take

Backpacking around the world is a firm favourite among students planning a gap year. The world has plenty to offer for the keen explorer or adrenaline junkie - but where do you start? As well as explaining why you need to get gap year travel insurance, Student Beans has cherry-picked the key bucket list destinations for those who are looking for something a little more unusual.
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16 January 2014: Buyer's guide to winter sports insurance

Skiing and snowboarding are very popular choices when it comes to winter sport holidays, therefore it is essential to have the right travel cover in place in the event of an accident. This article from The Guardian tells you what you need to know when purchasing ski or snowboard travel insurance, as well as showcasing Alpha as the best competitively priced insurance policy on the market.
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8 November 2013: The importance of travel insurance

Planning your trip of a lifetime is exciting... booking the flights, finding accommodation, visas, packing, the list goes on. But when it comes to the topic of travel insurance, many people believe it is an unnecessary expense and that they don't need it! In fact travel insurance can help in many situations abroad - lost or stolen passports, cancellation and even save you from hefty medical bills! Our infographic gives you the facts.
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27 March 2013: Easter home or holiday sun

An early Easter left cash-strapped families only two pay days after the Christmas period to save up for a well-deserved family break. In this article, Money Highstreet and Alpha Travel Insurance introduce the staycation trend alongside explaining what to look out for when buying family travel insurance.
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