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How to Be a Responsible Tourist

Whether you're celebrating the full moon at a beach party in Thailand, wandering the street markets in Morocco, climbing the Inca Trail to see Machu Picchu or taking pictures in front of the Tower of Pisa, you're treading the same path as hundreds before you.

These different experiences are what makes our world unique and really diverse. Everyone in the world can acknowledge the beauty in things that make places more popular than others - the Taj Mahal is visited by three million people each year and is an architectural icon admired across the globe.

Travelling gives us all a chance to explore, engage and experience the best the world and its local communities has to offer, and by being a responsible global tourist you can help continue making the world's pleasures enjoyable for everyone.

There are a certain set of rules (kind of like the countryside code) that are followed worldwide in the hope of not only continuing to make relations between travellers and local people friendly as hospitable, but also to help preserve tourist hotspots, allowing people to enjoy what the world has to offer for longer.

Honour local traditions and customs

Support the local community

Respect the environment

Be a well-informed and respectful traveller

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