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Family Travel Insurance

Just imagine lounging on a sun drenched beach, gazing out onto a beautiful ocean, while you watch your children play happily in the sea. We understand that a proper holiday means spending time with the people you love most. However, we also know that holidays for the whole family can be extremely expensive, that's why our affordable family travel insurance policy offers FREE insurance for your children.

This means that with our family travel insurance policy you can insure any number of your children, who are under 18 and in full time education at no extra charge.

You can rest assured that your children are fully protected, if they become ill or injured anywhere in the world, with first class medical and possessions cover. Plus you can put the extra money you've saved on the cost of your policy towards treating your family!

You can choose the level of cover to suit your budget and holiday, whether you are planning to take your clan skiing in France or to Disneyland Florida.

Every Alpha family policy covers:


If you and your family take more than two trips per year, you could save money by investing in our family Multi-Trip policy. This type of policy is extremely useful if you happen to own a holiday home either in the UK or abroad.

Available Policies

You can choose from one of the following travel insurance policies to suit your travelling needs;

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