We’ve taken the top 25 beaches from FlightNetwork and scored each beach on a range of factors to find the world’s best beach. For the quality of each beach we have used Flight Network which is based on the average score of "Sheer Untouched Beauty", "Remoteness", and "Sand and Water Quality", as detailed in the survey. FlightNetwork was also used to assess ‘best for weather’ which was computed on the basis of # of sunny days per year, scores for air and sea/ocean water temperatures were calculated based on the annual average temperatures using, and TripAdvisor was used for ‘Best for comfort’ which includes scores for hotels which was computed based on the % of hotels within 5-mile radius of the beach with a rating of 4.0 or higher and the average score of restaurants. ‘Best of activity’ and ‘Best for nightlife’ used TripAdvisor data for the scores for activities, and nightlife based on the average score of, outdoor activities, and bars/clubs in the vicinity of each beach. Scores for each factor were scaled proportionally to the maximum weight attached to each factor. The maximum total score is 100. All data can be viewed in this document. Data correct as of May 2019.

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