Insurance Claim Types By Country


A guide to the current state of travel insurance, based on an analysis of 25,000 claims made in the past year.

When you’ve booked your holiday and you’re ready to make memories that last a lifetime – the last thing on your mind is what could go wrong. That’s where travel insurance comes in: it protects you against unexpected events that might take you off path, and takes some of the major worries out of travelling.

But what does happen when things don’t go as planned? We have analysed the current state of travel insurance, using data from 25,000 travel insurance claims, to work out which countries have the most expensive average claims, and the most common reasons people made claims in each place. You can also find out which nations see the most claims for common travel problems, including issues with baggage, cancellations, delays and medical emergencies.

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The Average Cost of a Claim in Each Country

Everyone's experience on holiday varies, and making a claim on your travel insurance policy is no different. People make claims for all sorts of reasons and amounts, and we’ve collated our data on the map below, where you can discover the average value of travel insurance claims in each country. Hover over a country to find out the average cost of a claim, and the most common reason people have claimed on their travel insurance.

Value of claim (£)
0-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401-500 501-600 601-700 700+ No data

The Countries with the Most Expensive Medical Claims

Making a claim is something we would all rather avoid, but the right travel insurance ensures you are covered should you need to make a claim.

Take a look at the chart to find out where the most expensive travel insurance claims have been made.

The Countries with the Highest Number of Claims

If you do make a claim on your travel insurance, it’ll probably be for one of these common travel issues.

Find out which countries see the highest number of claims for baggage, cancellations, medical emergencies and delays.

How Many Days Before Departure Do People Book Travel Insurance?

Take a look at the chart to see how many days ahead of their scheduled departure people book travel insurance. 35% of people book their insurance the day before or on the day of departure which means travellers are unlikely to be covered by cancellation if taking out a policy so close to their travel date.

Number of people booking vertical axis vertical axis
Days before departure vertical axis vertical axis

Top Tips on Making a Claim

Different travel insurance providers will have their own claims procedures so once you receive your policy documents read them carefully and make sure you understand what you would need to do to make a claim. Here are some general top tips that can help.

  • image description

    Your travel insurance provider will probably need you to send documents to
    support your claim, so include all the relevant paperwork. If you are unable to
    include any documents you’ve been asked for, write a note to explain why.

  • image description

    Include as much detail as possible in your claim: the
    more the better. Continue adding detail on a separate
    document or piece of paper if necessary.

  • image description

    If you need to send physical copies of any documents, make a
    copy first for safekeeping, before you send the documents to your
    insurance provider via recorded delivery.

  • image description

    It's important to check your individual policy to ensure you're
    covered for all your travel needs.

Top Tips for Taking out Travel Insurance

Every travel insurance provider will offer various levels of cover so it’s important to make sure you take out cover that meets your needs. Make sure you look into what your insurance provides and that you’re covered for your specific circumstances. Here are some general tips we hope may help.

  • image description

    Travel insurance is not private medical insurance, most insurers would
    advise you always use state facilities where available, but contact your
    insurance company to be sure.

  • image description

    When taking out a policy it is important that you
    declare all medical conditions otherwise your policy
    may be void.

  • image description

    Please also be aware that most insurance policies will not cover
    you if excessive alcohol consumption plays a role in your accident
    or admission to hospital.


Data in this report is from the analysis of over 25,000 travel insurance claims made around the world from Alpha Travel Insurance and MoneySupermarket by UK residents. All data is correct as of September 2019. You can view all data here and more details in the methodology.

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