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YouTubers Offer Free Hugs to Airport Passengers

Travelling by plane can be a stressful and tiring way of getting from A to B, often tinged with sadness that the holiday is over as the return of the daily grind looms closer. So what better way to brighten up the days of airport passengers than by giving out free hugs - that's exactly what a trio of happy-go-lucky Canadians thought too!

The group - Thomas Brag, Matt Dajer and Ammar Kandil - waited in the arrivals lounge of San Francisco airport with a chalked-up sign that read 'you deserve a hug' dressed in business attire. The group, waiting to meet those who felt they needed a quick pick-me-up after their trip, were walked on by busy travellers who were focusing on their mobile phones, luggage, or friends to avoid being given a hug. The acts of kindness was too much for one gentleman, who was visibly moved by the groups actions bringing him to tears, after the group sang a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to a passer-by!

At first the group is met with bewildering looks from passengers, however after an initial awkward start, things begin to pick up and the public is more receptive. Their first free hug is given to a woman wearing a yellow jacket who also takes a photo of the three men for her memories; another female passenger appears ecstatic to see them, bounding over to them and being lifted in to the air and spun round.

The group run a successful YouTube Channel called 'Generation Y Not' in which the act of kindness video can be watched. The video description reads "œThis week we were lucky to be flown out to San Francisco. We realised how fortunate we were to be together and have someone greet us. So we decided we'd try and make some lone traveller's days by welcoming them like they were part of our big weird happy family."

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