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World’s Friendliest (and Unfriendliest) Cities Revealed!

Last year, the UK was proud to host the London Olympic and Paralympic games alongside nationwide celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Many tourists flocked to the UK to have their own slice of the festivities and celebration, as they were welcomed with open arms by thousands of happy and smiling residents. Although a recent survey by Conde Nast Traveler has revealed that the UK's efforts simply wasn't enough to rank us within the top 10 friendliest countries (but good news, we didn't make it in to the top 10 unfriendliest cities either!).

The top spot for the most friendliest and welcoming country was awarded to Florianopolis, Brazil; whose city is famous for its gorgeous beaches, fantastic bustling markets and welcoming citizens. The city, nicknamed 'the island of magic', serves as an increasingly popular destination amongst those on a backpacking or gap year break, set to feature at the top of many traveller's 'bucket lists' by the year 2014.

The survey results were completed by over 46,000 participants and asked to base their decisions on a 1-5 ranking scale. Although the UK didn't make it on to the scale, the highest ranking UK city was Bath with a total score of 74.9!

The top 10 friendliest cities:

1. Florianopolis, Brazil
2. Hobart, Tasmania
3. Thimpu, Bhutan
4. Queenstown, New Zealand
5. Charleston, South Carolina
6. Paro, Bhutan
Tied with: 6. Margaret River, Australia
7. Mandalay, Burma
9. Kilkenny, Ireland
Tied with: 9. Ubud, Bali
10. Chiang Mai, Thailand

The top 10 unfriendliest cities:

1. Newark, New Jersey
2. Islamabad, Pakistan
3. Oakland, California
4. Luanda, Angola
5. Kuwait City, Kuwait
6. Lome, Togo
7. New Haven, Connecticut
8. Detroit, Michigan
9. Atlantic City, New Jersey
10. Tangier, Morocco

What do you think of the results above? Do you think that ranking cities based on their friendliness is likely to increase, or decrease, tourism to those areas? At Alpha, we believe there is something fantastic to see in every city and country across the world. It's just a case of getting 'off the beaten track' and exploring what the world has to offer. Check out our fantastic range of travel insurance by visiting our specialist product pages, or take a look at our competitive prices by obtaining an online quote.

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