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Working Abroad – What Are the Options?

If you're thinking of leaping abroad and earning some money, it's well worth knowing what sort of options there are when it comes to working in a different country. Working abroad can offer a range of benefits including broadened horizons, better career opportunities, not to mention the opportunity to make some great memories. With so many job options available to those on a gap year or long stay trip, it can be difficult to know where to start! Take a look at our top choices below - hopefully they will help you and get you on your way!


Teaching abroad is easy and can be greatly rewarding. An English TEFL (Teaching English to Foreign Learners) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualifications aren't hugely expensive and are mostly universal - you can travel to almost any country of your choice and teach English to willing students. TEFL work is often paid well, and leaves you with enough free time to explore your country of choice.

Seasonal Work

This sort of overseas work is ideal if you only want to be away from the UK for around 3-6 months. Whilst it might just sound like you're taking advantage of the discounted or often free hospitality benefits, seasonal work can vary from being a chalet host to being a club rep out in a summer resort - and can be hard work. Keeping resort residents happy and catering to their every need, or making sure that you earn enough commission to get a weekly food shop can mean that a shift isn't always a walk in the park. American summer camps are becoming more and more popular amongst younger travellers too, with packages that offer extra travelling time after camp ends, a structured schedule with guaranteed accommodation and food for a little less.


Whilst some travellers are happy to make their way from place to place, some prefer to depart from the UK knowing they're travelling with a purpose that's more than meeting new people and partying their way from country to country. Volunteering whilst abroad allows you to help others in your chosen community whilst gaining valuable skills and experience. There are different types of voluntary programmes you can get involved in, including relief or emergency situation programmes, wildlife conservation, community building, healthcare and teaching programmes. Although unlikely, some of these programmes require additional experience or knowledge in their field before you decide to apply.


Au pairs and nannies are always in demand, and can be an exciting prospect for any traveller. You have the opportunity to meet some amazing kids and their families, learn new skills and instantly add to your CV with the many life skills you'll learn. Other childcare opportunities abroad include working with disabled children, helping at organisations and charities for kids, working at orphanages or helping to fight poverty in some of the world's most destitute countries.

Placement Years

Some degree programmes include the opportunity to study or work for a year abroad, enhancing undergraduate employment prospects and your language skills for that particular country. Students often find that their programme means they must find a job in order to gain professional experiences that will be of value to your later life or career.


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