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Winter Travel Destinations, Planning, Tips, Advice and More

A lot of our customers ask us for help in planning, making the most of, and having safe winter trips abroad. We get asked about winter travel help so much that we have even dedicated an entire section of our website towards winter travel tips and advice. In this post we are looking to cover as many of your winter travel questions as possible and give you easy access to the key information that we get asked each year in the build up to Christmas.

What do I need to prepare for before I go on a winter trip?

The Foreign  Commonwealth Office (FCO) has a great resource for the latest information on specific winter travel destinations and more and we have created an FCO page covering the key information provided.

Here you can access details on winter travel checklists, staying fit and healthy during your winter break and using credit and debit cards safely abroad.

Planning a winter break can seem a daunting task, especially if this is going to be your first winter sports and season holiday. This is why we have spent some time putting together everything you need to know before you go.

Here you can find out about choosing the right ski school, budgeting for winter sports holidays, selecting the best destination for your Christmas travel and much more.

How do I prepare to prevent ski injuries?

Putting in place the important steps to have a safe ski trip is paramount when you are about to embark on a ski or winter holiday, whether you are going for the first time, or for the hundredth time, there are important things to consider before you hit the slopes.

We have taken a look at some of the most important pre ski preparation areas, covering people of all ages and levels of ski expertise to support injury free skiing.

Take a look at our warm up, cardio and cool down activities for stress free skiing this winter.

What equipment do I need for winter trips?

Of course a lot of what you need will be driven by what you are looking to do whilst you are away, however, we have put together a number of comprehensive guides, tips and advice for buying (or hiring) the right equipment as well as looking after your equipment to get the most longevity and value from your winter purchases.

A few of our most read winter travel equipment advice posts can be accessed below:

  1. A practical guide for 'choosing the right ski boots'
  2. A how to guide on 'waxing skis'
  3. A practical guide on 'what to pack for a winter break'

How can I stay safe on a winter trip?

Staying safe on a holiday, whether it is a winter trip abroad or a summer spent travelling around Europe is rightfully so an area often at the forefront of peoples mind pre trip.

Winter trips especially, due to the potential risk associated with many of the activities coupled with slip and trip hazards, can cause some anxiety over keeping safe.

This is why we have created a number of guides and tips and advice information on staying safe on the slopes.

A few of the most read content items include the following:

  1. Getting and using avalanche transmitters
  2. Advice for safe off piste skiing
  3. Tips and advice for winter flying

If you have any questions at this stage about the types of activities we cover within our winter sports travel insurance have a look at our activities page.

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