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Will Google Glass Change the Way You See the World?

Have you have a spare $1,500? If not, we are certain that you will want to start saving by the time you are finished reading this post!

Google has recently revealed it is now accepting applications for bold and creative individuals to test the eagerly anticipated Google Glass - a lightweight and strong sunglass styled device that could potentially change the way you see the world. Literally.

So what does the Google Glass actually do? Well, pretty much everything! It can record videos (think skydiving or hang gliding where normal recording could prove difficult) and then send them instantly to anyone anywhere in the world, take photos, record audio, video call with your friends and family, complete a Google search, check the weather, check your flight times, answer questions and provide facts, plan a route with directions, learn new languages and even translate your voice in to a different language (we thought that one was pretty cool!)

And with all this happening instantly on a screen in front of your eyes, the Google Glass offers travelers the chance to experience the world in a completely new light!

Take a look at the official demonstration video here:

 Would you like to use the Google Glass for your travels? Is there anything else that could be added? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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