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What is Paintballing?

If you're looking for fun fuelled activities to do over the Summer period, consider paintballing - an adventurous fast-paced sport that can be played by all ages and abilities. Check out what we got up to when we had a go ourselves!

You can wear any clothes you like for paintballing so long as you are comfortable running in them. Wearing a jumper and layering your clothes can be a great way to protect yourself from the firing paintballs, however it is important to remember that the added layers can make you quite hot whilst running around. Once you have left the 'safe zone' and have your paintball gun in hand, you are not allowed to remove your helmet or any extra layers for obvious safety reasons.

A good pair of gripped shoes with ankle support is a must as we played in a wood where the terrain was uneven.

Once you arrive, you are given a one piece overall suit to wear, a helmet with visor, a chest protector, pods to store your paintballs in whilst not in use, a Velcro belt to hold the pods, and a hopper that gets attached to the paintball gun that stores the paintballs you're currently using.

You will have a coloured band of tape put round your arm by a member of staff to determine which colour team you are in.

Next, you're all set to grab as many paintballs as you can, attach your hopper to your gun and get ready for battle! * cue A-Team theme tune * Hurrrrrgh!!

No major physical fitness is required, although this is a fast-paced sport, therefore you must be able to run and be quick on your feet.

Yes, very easy! And great fun too! Just make sure you have lots of paintballs as we got a bit carried away with firing them at our opponents... and pretty much everything else!

The overall game we played was divided in to 8 rounds. Each of these rounds was played on a different themed course: Tomb Raider, London Apocalypse, Gold Rush, WWII Bunker Buster, Chemical Alley..... there's lots to choose from!

But hiding on one of these levels is The Terminator - a "œrouge cybernetic assassin" set to destroy anyone who wanders in his path. If you can successfully defeat him, you win the ultimate prize of his BT4 Combat paintball gun, which becomes yours for the remainder of the game round.

Scores are determined based on the winning team from each round and added up at the end to reveal your final score. Bonus points are also up for grabs based on team performance.

There are many paintball centres across the UK, so we recommend looking online to find one in your local area.

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