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Want to Learn Chinese? It’s Chineasy!

Many of us dream of learning a new language and being able to speak fluently in it. However where do you start? Some begin with learning the basics such as introducing themselves, saying how old they are and where they live; others begin by learning the alphabet and numbers. Once you've got that figured out, then there is sentence structure and pronunciation - it can be a tough challenge at times, but one woman has invented an easy way to learn Chinese.

Chinese is the hardest written language to learn, however Chineasy is the brainchild of ShaoLan Huseh from Taiwan. As a child she learned the Chinese language simply by hard work and perseverance and quickly grew to appreciate the formation of language inspired by her calligrapher and ceramicist parents.

After moving to England she wanted to pass on her appreciation of the Chinese language to her two children by teaching it to them. But learning to read, write and speak a second language is tricky and so she tried to find a way of teaching them using simpler methods. Every night once her children had gone to sleep she worked on her teaching method. ShaoLan discovered that each character could be used as a building block and broken down to make an image of what the word represented; this proved to be a memorable and easy way for her children to remember what each Chinese character meant through pictures. And so Chineasy was born.

Chineasy has already been shortlisted for the Design Museum 2014 award as well as being awarded 'life enhancer of the year' in the Wallpaper Design awards. However this isn't the first time that ShaoLan has turned to design to solve a challenging problem; at 21 she self-published a guide to Microsoft Word which features imagery, poetry, music and art which was successfully bundled and sold with every Microsoft Word purchase.

Chineasy is currently being made in to a children's book and there are plans for an app in the near future - watch this space!

What do you think about learning languages? Do you find them hard or have you found an easier way of learning them just like ShaoLan? Why not let us know in the comments below or on our social media pages!

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