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Virgin Atlantic Introduces Live Music and Comedians as Part of Flight Entertainment Revamp

Richard Branson is not afraid to take a risk with his airline - his head carefully sculpted from an ice cube and placed in to the drinks, the introduction of in-flight mobile calls, Swarovski crystal cocktails and now, Virgin Atlantic is pleased to present its new and improved airline entertainment. Last month in August, Virgin announced that they would be introducing comedians on selected flights travelling en route to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. However, if you are due to board a Virgin Atlantic Little Red flight this September, you may be lucky enough to catch some different entertainment on your journey in the form of live music. Not bad for a free gig!

Most of us who have travelled on a plane have at some point indulged in the in-flight entertainment provided by airlines. Films and music are usually the number one choice, followed closely by counting down the minutes until you arrive at your destination by watching the in-flight map and the pilot's diversion around the Bermuda Triangle.

Virgin Atlantic founder, Richard Branson, decided on the revamped entertainment for its passengers in order to "œshake up domestic flying in the UK."

Although this seems like a good idea initially, customers don't appear to have the option of simply 'opting out' with all passengers having to listen to the acts whether they wish to or not. We wonder what would happen if you simply wanted to relax and rest during your flight or if you were travelling with young children? And for those who are simply not interested in music or comedy acts that's a completely different story...

What are your thoughts on the in-flight entertainment? Why not let us know your thoughts in the comments or join in the conversation on your Facebook or Twitter pages!

If you'd like some further information, the full line up of acts can be found on the Virgin Atlantic's Twitter and Facebook accounts, although which flights they will be on will remain undisclosed in the hope of providing a "œtruly one of a kind experience."

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