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US Photographer Embarks on Round the World Trip to Capture His 788 Facebook Friends

How many of you have Facebook friends that you haven't been in contact with for months, or even those of you who have friends from around the globe that you have never even met? This is exactly the case for professional photographer Ty Morin, who at the beginning of this year decided that he wanted to travel the world to meet all 788 of them!

The project titled 'Friend Request: Accepted' will follow Morin's around-the-world trip, armed with an old 8x10 camera he will spend time getting to know each one of his online friends in great detail.

Morin explains his choice of camera:

"œEach portrait takes about an hour to complete. If I were to shoot this with a digital camera, I would be in and out in 2 minutes - that's barely enough time for a handshake. My journey will consist of plane tickets, train tickets, and a lot of fuel. All that traveling calls for more than just a hello."

Aiming to capture five new portraits a week, Morin's total travel time will work out to take an average of three years to complete! That's a lot of plane flights!

If you're now thinking of adding Ty Morin on Facebook so you also get a visit, think again! He is not accepting any further friend requests unless you donate to the project via Kickstarter, his online fundraising page. On there you will be greeted with a variety of different 'pledge packages' to choose from. These start from as little as $10(for a signed photo and your name in the credits) up to a whopping £5,000! In exchange for your $5,000, you will receive a glass plate image of yourself, a chance to be included in the film and you get to be Ty Mornin's 789th Facebook friend! What's not to like?

He has already gained the help of 284 people, donating a staggering $14,166 between them - $9,166 more than his $5,000 starting goal!

Morin says that any donations received will be put towards the costs of fuel/gas, film and darkroom chemicals. The cost of the film for his 8x10 camera costs $4,000 alone and then there is the cost of all the plane tickets and travelling to take in to account.

His journey will begin later this year.

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