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UK Tourism Spikes for Birth of Royal Baby

With Kate Middleton expected to give birth to her first child over the weekend, the UK is certainly embracing the Royal baby fervor! The UK will see a significant increase in tourism this Summer, with many hitting the streets of London this weekend to celebrate. And it's not just the UK who is excited about the possible new arrival!

In general, overseas flight bookings to the UK have increased by 17% and hotel bookings rose by 13% within the first week of July alone. This is fantastic news for the UK and its economy, with the spike in tourism set to increase over the coming weekend and following weeks.

Top 5 things to do in London:

If you're planning a day out in London this weekend, why not try some of these ideas to get you in the Royal spirit? Make sure you leave in plenty of time and be aware that it may be busier than usual.

Last year brought us the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the success of the Olympics. This year, with the Wimbledon Championships still creating a buzz amongst the nation combined with the upcoming Royal birth, the UK's travel market is set to grow in leaps and bounds.

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