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Travelling With Young Adults

As soon as teenagers and young adults hit the years where being seen with parents is embarrassing, getting them to come on holiday with you (especially when the alternative is just to stay at home with a free house) can be a mammoth task. Some young adults just aren't interested in seeing some of their childhood spots again, and would much prefer the brief release of independence that staying at home would give them.

Parents aren't exactly ideal travel companions, so if you want to go on holiday with your teenager make sure your travel plans include certain options which will still lure them in.

Serious culture holidays which involve trekking round historical site after historical site to museum and gallery after museum and galleries before is likely to put them off. The same goes for remote locations where no mobile signal is a side-effect of being so isolated that it takes an hour's drive to see anyone else. Instead, here are Alpha's top holiday tips to tempt even the moodiest teenager:


No, not remote Montana which, despite being rolling and beautiful, probably doesn't hold any temptation for your teenager, but places such as New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Charleston, Savannah, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco - all of which offer culturally rich options for the adults and the sheer novelty of being in America and being able to buy 'better' things and eat stuff which is as big as your face for the kids.

European cities

Shorter trips to cities in Europe can also work well with young adult travellers if you pick the right destination. You need a destination which is 'urban cool' and offers young adults the right amenities and pace of life for them to be interested and motivated to explore. Barcelona, Nice, Rome or Cannes are all good options.

Surf hubs

If you ever visited Cornwall as a family when the children were younger, then you'll understand the appeal that heading to laid-back surfing hubs like south-west France and northern Spain have for younger adults. Hossegor and St Jean de Luz offer both good waves and a fantastic atmosphere, whilst the larger cities of Biarritz or San Sebastian have great beaches and a good nightlife.

City vs nature

Picking somewhere with variety is great for engaging others. You can vary the pace by picking somewhere which has a city, right next to outdoors-y stuff, so places like Cape Town - where you can pop to the stunning Kruger National Park for a few days, Vancouver - close to the Rockies for trekking, kayaking, mountain-biking or float-plane trip, or Seattle - close to forest, mountain and sea, are ideal.

Shared accommodation

Rent a villa, or a house with friends who have children a similar age. Avoid any remote locations and ideally, find somewhere within safe walking distance of a town, city or village where teenagers can wander off securely.

Exotic locations

If it's a once-in-a-lifetime-trip, and they're not paying, young adults are likely to tag along. Exotic locations like California, Barbados, Hong Kong, Costa Rica and Belize offer enough variety, challenge and excitement to entice anyone to their destinations.

Wherever you end up going - be it with your child, or without - make sure you are covered with travel insurance. A holiday can be an expensive investment, so when something goes wrong, you don't want to be hit with an expensive bill that could have been covered by a travel insurance policy for a much smaller premium. Alpha Travel Insurance provide customers with family policies and group policies.

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