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Traveller Graham Hughes Retracing Journey For World Record

Back in January 2009, travel enthusiast Graham Hughes set out on his round the world trip to become the first person in the world to visit all 201 countries, 60 islands and 6 continents... with no flights.

Travelling alone around the world on a small budget, Graham Hughes states that he undertook the epic adventure not only as a personal challenge but to raise money for charity, Water Aid.

1,425 days later, in November 2012, Mr. Hughes set foot in South Sudan (a country that did not even exist when the adventure started!) with four full passports and a new Guinness World Record - his journey was complete... or so he thought...

According to the official Guinness World Records, Mr. Hughes illegally crossed the border from Estonia in to Russia. For his travelling feat to be classed as a world record, Mr. Hughes was required to retrace this part of his journey. Challenge Accepted.

Yesterday, Mr. Hughes excitedly announced his arrival in Russia (legally this time!) via his Twitter page.

Graham's journey:

Countries visited: 201 Nations
Countries visited more than once: 67
Travelled: 250,000km
Budget: $100 per week

How many countries have you travelled to? Where have you been? Let us know in the comments!

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