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Travel SIM Cards

We all know how important staying connected is while you’re out of the country, and also how expensive it can be.  87% of you global jet-setters use your mobile devices abroad, but 1 in 6 come home to expensive roaming charges! Here at Alpha we have partnered with Aether Mobile to cut those roaming costs and help you stay in touch wherever you are.

Alpha customers get an EXCLUSIVE 20% discount on Aether Travel SIM cards.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Once you’ve bought your policy, you’ll be sent a link to claim your discounted SIM – wahoo!

Happy roaming without the groaning

Check out our Video for more details

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Still got some questions? Take a look below to see if we can help:

How does the Aether Mobile service work?

The global SIM card uses the latest technology to connect all calls made or received through a central platform service. This alternative route enables you to save significant money on your phone bills, whilst maintaining a high level of call quality.

When you make an outgoing call, your phone handset will initially direct the call to the central platform, which will then call you back to connect the call.

How do I add more credit to the SIM?

Adding credit couldn’t be easier; just log into your online account, choose how much you’d like to top up by and pay!

Can I use my Aether Mobile SIM card in my phone?

The SIM card can only be used in phones that have been unlocked (not locked to a specific network provider). There are a wide range of companies that offer phone unlocking services – and you can even ask your network provider if they can unlock your phone.

Phone unlocking is not an illegal process, but Aether Mobile is unable to unlock mobile phones.

Can anyone use Aether Mobile?

Aether Mobile is for anyone and everyone worldwide! Whether you are on a short holiday, long stay backpacking trip, or working abroad…Aether Mobile is the solution for you.

If I lose or damage my SIM card can I get a replacement?

Of course; simply contact Aether Mobile on and they will send another one to you.

For security reasons, they can only dispatch replacement SIMs to the registered account holder, at the registered address. In extenuating circumstances, the registered account holder may request a different delivery address.

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