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Travel Apps for Kids

Today's child entertainment is nothing like the toys and things that we were bought up with. If my parents had presented me with their tablet computer when I was 2, I probably would have either broken it or decided it was definitely edible; nowadays kids are incredibly fluent in using technology. iPads and similar tablets can make children really spatially aware, as well as presenting them with mental challenges that they might not have faced otherwise.

Taking the family tablet on holiday with you is a great idea, especially if you intend on using it to entertain your children. There are a multitude of parents out there with phones and tablets full to the screen with apps dedicated specifically for keeping their child happy when extensive queuing and boredom gets in the way, so the same sorts of things apply for when you're travelling as a unit.


DreamWorks Dragon Adventure World Explorer (Free)

A game which is pretty recent - it's designed for only Windows phones and tablets. It's become famous throughout the technology industry because of it's interaction with the map function - it is an app designed specifically for travelling children. The programme used the maps application to turn the world around their current location into gameplay quests, but set in the world of Berk - home to Hiccup and Toothless from the very popular How To Train Your Dragon films.

Plants VS Zombies 2 (Free)

Set on what is meant to be a game board, your child can practice their strategy skillsary.. the relentless zombie horde heading their way. There are optional in-app purchases but they aren'pecial def by protecting the plants with special defence mechanisms from the relentless zombie horde heading their way. There are optional in-app purchases but they aren't overly necessary. If you're worried about it scaring your child - it shouldn't. Everything on the game is a cartoon and the gore is comical.

Shu's Garden £0.69

This app has been recommended by The Guardian as a really relaxed game for kids based on exploring a planet, picking up the indigenous seeds and then planting them to see what grows from them. The main character tends to roll and bounce around the fantasy world, but figuring out what the plants will be after their seed is planted is something that is likely to keep children engaged for longer periods of time.


Tiny Thief (Free, but in-app purchases may be needed, £1.49-£4.59)

From the makers of cult favourite Angry Birds comes this game. You select your character and explore a medieval kingdom, trying to steal a prize before being spotted by the guards. Controls for this game are relatively easy, just tap on the screen and your character walks to that point. This app keeps kids hooked by solving levels, finding secret items and spotting friends along the way.

Dino Dog - A Digging Adventure £1.49

Dinosaurs are popular with kids, so this sits well with them on a long journey. It's a good mixture of gameplay, animation and education to conclude as one big, entertaining dinosaur-themed package that can keep your children hooked for a while.

Dr Panda's Toy Cars £1.99

Much like a digital version of toy cars, this app is hugely popular with kids of all age-ranges. The game offers eight vehicles to drive around a pair of virtual cities including a police car and a fire engine. The children can add their own storylines which makes for longer sessions of play as opposed to a quick closed narrative or game.


Uno £2.99

A digital version of the family cult classic - without the risk of losing cards! This low-stress game has quick game cycles which means kids won't be left bored, tired or irritated by the end.

Minecraft £4.99

Every single website you look on will recommend this game as it is hugely popular with kids of any ages, and even some adults, but most kids will become involved in this game for hours at a time - perfect for any flight. Using mining, crafting and exploring skills, the characters within this fantasy world have to live, survive and fend off odd creatures whilst mining for material to build new things (that you create yourself).


If you're planning on travelling with an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or other technological gadget, make sure you invest in a gadget extension for your travel insurance policy. When gadgets get lost, damaged or stolen, entertainment ideas, not to mention personal and important information that you have stored on there can be lost forever - not something you want to go through whilst you're on holiday, if ever. With a gadget extension added on to your travel insurance policy, you can ensure that you enjoy your time overseas with peace of mind.

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