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Tough Mudder

This weekend, hundreds of people will be flocking to Yorkshire to complete in the biggest, baddest... and muddiest endurance event in the UK! If you've ever seen Total Wipeout or Takeshi's Castle, Tough Mudder follows a similar obstacle course styled format to these programmes.

Participants will attempt a series of 20-25 military styled obstacles along a 10-12 mile long track. With the hopes of being crowned the 'Toughest Mudder', obstacles include running through mud pits, jumping off planks in to ice cold water, swinging across greased monkey bars, and running up 'Everest' - a quarter pipe that is full of both mud and grease. Leave your nice clothes at home and prepare to get muddy!

The first Tough Mudder event was held on May 2nd 2010 at Bear Creek Ski Resort near Allentown, USA, attracting a crowd of more than 4,500 mud-loving, obstacle course enthusiasts. In 2011, there were 14 events across the UK; in 2012 Tough Mudder went global with 35 events across 4 countries. Now in its 4th year, there have been over 1 million participants.

Before applying for these kind of events, it is important that you do you research beforehand. The course can be very demanding at times; therefore it is essential that you have good physical and mental health alongside no serious medical problems. Many participants will train for weeks beforehand in order to ensure that their fitness levels are at optimum level.

Dehydration, sprains, cuts and broken bones are just some of the things that could happen while completing these obstacle styled courses. Obtaining a travel insurance policy that has at least £2million medical cover, repatriation and hospital benefit is recommended, especially if travelling abroad.

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