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Top Ten Things Brits Can’t Holiday Without

Despite us spending most of our days dreaming of our future or planned holidays - time in the sun, slopes or exploring new cities - a new study has revealed that it's not only the feel of our own bed or a good old-fashioned cup of English tea that we miss whilst overseas.

In fact, over half of British holidaymakers spend their time abroad missing their home comforts.

eBookers, who carried out the new research found that a comfortable bed and a decent cup of tea are amongst the things that we miss most when we are overseas, more than they will their friends, family or partner.

25% of people will miss their pets whilst enjoying the scenery on holiday and an astounding one in ten of us will miss our favourite TV series, despite multiple platforms such as iTunes providing box-set style downloads to last us months. The Scottish are most likely to miss their toilet, whilst those from North West England it is all about the technology, with people missing their computer or laptop topping the list of things they miss from home whilst they're on holiday.

In a similar poll conducted by the Co-Operative, it was revealed that nearly 66% of us load up our luggage with our favourite foods so we don't have to go without when we're away from home. Many people struggle to find the brands and ingredients that we're used to when in a foreign country - good British teabags and popular brands of teabags are among the most 'smuggled' items.

Women seem to be more likely to pack their favourite brand of teabags than men, with over 48% claiming it was to avoid paying 'extortionate' supermarket prices in the other countries. Men however, are 10 per cent more likely to pack Brown Sauce.

Most bizarrely, an odd three per cent of British holidaymakers smuggle away packets of instant mash potato.

What would you/do you take with you on holiday? And what do you miss the most? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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