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Top European Christmas Markets

As the festive season has well and truly begun, what better way to indulge in a spot of Christmas shopping than a Christmas market! Handcrafted goods, the warm smell of roasted chestnuts, a bustling atmosphere and a dazzling array of lights adorned upon every stall really creates a fantastic festive atmosphere not to be missed. You may have previously visited a UK Christmas market, but take our advice... there is nothing quite like venturing abroad and experiencing the real thing.

Whether you decide to visit Prague, Germany or France this year, each one offers something different around every corner, not to mention a host of European traditions. Check out our favourite ones below!

The Nuremberg Market in particular attracts visitors from all across the globe as it is one of the most popular ones within Europe and it's no wonder why! The Old Town itself is full to the brim of dazzling lights and many things to see and do. With 400 years of tradition, this market lies right at the very heart of the city and provides visitors with everything they could possibly need for a very merry Christmas!

If you are travelling with younger children there is also a Kinderweihnacht (otherwise known as a children's market) that they will enjoy including steam powered trains, merry go rounds, carousels and many other fun activities on offer to keep them entertained. Weekends will be significantly busier than on a weekday, so we recommend you travel during the week if you're looking to avoid it being too crowded.

Top 6 Things You Must Do While You're at the Market

Whichever market you decide to visit, if you're feeling like you have shopped till you've dropped why not take a break and check out some of the other things on offer. We have listed below some of the other things and highlights you must do while you're there. Which ones are you planning to do?

Have you been to a Christmas market before? Why not let us know your favourite one, alongside your top thing to do while you are there in the comments. If you are travelling abroad this year, don't forget to purchase a quality and affordable holiday insurance policy from Alpha Travel Insurance. If you enjoyed this post and found it to be helpful, why not share it with your friends and family using the social share links below.

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