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Top 5 Most Annoying Flight Habits

You may have had a stressful time travelling to the airport kids in tow, or perhaps you're simply jetlagged and looking forward to catching forty winks on the plane. Either way, the plane offers you a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy your journey. But for some passengers, enjoying the journey is simply not possible...

A recent survey by Trip Advisor has revealed that when it comes to flying, our tolerance is limited when it comes to annoying people on our flight. Are you guilty of doing some of these?

1 - People who recline their seat

Not surprisingly this came up as the number one pet peeve on the list; however there are many airlines that now don't offer the option of reclining your seat in to the passenger's lap behind you. They may want to eat or read a book and reclining the seat simply means they have less space, so if you're travelling with an airline that has reclining seats it's always best to ask the passenger behind you beforehand if they don't mind.

2 - Parents with restless children

Travelling is tiring for the majority of us, but did you know that the effects of this combined with jet lag can actually affect children too. Consider bringing a selection of toys with you on your next flight to keep your children entertained. Travel sized games, playsets and colouring books can help to keep them entertained when boredom kicks in.

Many children swing their legs if they get bored or restless, often kicking the seat in front of them. In most cases this is accidental although it makes an uncomfortable plane journey for the person sitting in front.

3 - Openly sneezing and coughing

This is an obvious one as no one likes to get sick! We suggest having a pack of tissues in your hand luggage just in case.

4 - Blocking the aisle of the plane

Just what you don't need if you need to dash to the bathroom!

5 - Taking too long to put your bags away

Hurry up and sit down!

Other results from the survey found out which is the most desirable plane seat. 43% would choose the window seat, whereas 57% would choose the aisle seat. Less than 1% of flyers wouldn't mind squeezing in to the middle seat, the less desirable choice.

What kinds of things annoy you on your journeys and what do you do to overcome them? Why not let us know in the comments or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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