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Top 4 Places to Visit in October

As the days draw darker and the weather gets colder, you may have already begun dreaming about your next adventure. The mid-Autumn month of October holds not only Halloween and gorgeous fiery hues and warm tones, but also a range of opportunity across the globe. Whether you're looking to celebrate Halloween or simply looking for a last minute getaway, we've put together our top 4 October destinations. Check them out!

For Halloween festivities - New York City, USA

Book your ticket to New York for October 31st and immerse yourself in the festivities of the New York Village Halloween Parade. Starting on Sixth Avenue at 7pm, the parade is a blast of vibrancy and colour as it travels throughout the bustling streets of the City and ends at Sixteenth Avenue at 11pm.

The seasonal tradition of Halloween in the USA is much bigger than it is in the UK, with houses and streets being decorated weeks in advance. It is the second most popular holiday than Christmas; with a guarantee not to disappoint, visiting during October should be at the top of everyone's bucket lists!

Check out our 'New York City on a Shoestring' Guide for more ideas on planning your trip to the Big Apple!

For traditions and celebrations - Sydney, Australia

October brings the beginning of the Australian Spring, but this year also marks the 40th birthday of the Sydney Opera House. Completed in 1973, the Opera House features highly on the 'to do' lists of many backpackers and visitors to Australia, as its vast size and presence dominates the City skyline. A special anniversary concert is scheduled for October 27th.

With an average temperature of 22-24 degrees, October is a fantastic time to visit Oz with plenty of warm sunshine (without being too overwhelming!) that serves as the perfect climate for a spot of surfing or exploring.  Other things to do in Australia include the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb as well as scuba diving or snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

For Autumnal colour - Nara, Japan

Japan is a fantastic place to visit during the Autumn season. If you're currently backpacking throughout Asia, make sure you head over to the ancient capital of Nara in the Kansai region of Japan. Spending Autumn in Japan is equally as stunning as visiting in the Spring when the cherry blossom season is underway. Head to the main park to see an outstanding strong dazzle of colour; fiery reds and pinks mixed with burnt orange and yellows present a sight not to be missed.

For a late blast of sunshine - Mediterranean islands

With a warm Mediterranean heat combined with blue skies and crystal clear waters, destinations such as Malta and Majorca are fantastic for those looking for an extra bit of sun and relaxation. Although a little 'outside-of-the-Autumn-box' we must admit, travelling to a sunnier climate out of season not only means that it's cheaper for you, but also less crowds and a hot (but bearable!) temperature.

For the adventurous adrenaline junkies there are plenty of water sports opportunities - why not have a go at snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing or sailing! All of these activities and much more can be covered under an Alpha Travel Insurance policy.

And if you can't make your mind up.... Visit them all!

Just make sure you don't leave home without your Alpha Travel Insurance policy! Single Trip is great for those making an individual trip, however if you're planning on making two or more trips within a 12 month period, save money by choosing Multi Trip policy. As well as having the benefits of a Single Trip policy, the difference is that you're covered for an unlimited amount of trips throughout the course of the year!*

*provided each one lasts for no longer than 31 days

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