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Top 3 Sports to Try this October

With each travel insurance policy we sell, we include the fantastic activity pack 1 at no extra cost which includes cover for over 100 sports and activities.... But with so many activities to try on your next adventure, it can be a little scary trying to decide which ones to go for! For those who are a little unsure, check out our favourite 3 below!

At Alpha Travel Insurance we always live life to the full, whether it's visiting a new destination, planning an adventure or trying our hand at a new sports or adventure activity.

1 - Mountain biking

Chances are you already have a mountain bike lying around at home; although the weather is getting darker, October still presents some good weather for a cycling holiday! If you're a bit strapped for cash, the UK offers some beautiful and scenic locations to explore and enjoy such as Cornwall, the Lake District and Wales. The best thing about a cycling holiday is that it's a fantastic way of getting from A to B whilst exercising, is environmentally friendly, and suitable for the whole family to enjoy!

If you fancy a cycling holiday abroad, why not take a look at some of the most popular European destinations including France, Belgium and Germany.

2 - Canoeing (excluding white water)

Despite the connection with the Summer months, watersports can be enjoyed in any season and all year round. Canoeing in particular is a great way to enjoy those hazy Autumnal colours paddling along the river; it takes a little bit of getting used to and learning how to steer in a straight line, but once you have the basics mastered you'll be hooked! Check out the time we learned how to canoe in our blog post here.

3 - Horse riding

Whether you ride along the beach or on grass, horse riding is a fantastic activity that can be learnt all year round. It's a great sport that helps to increase your physical fitness as well as competitiveness. Another great thing is that if you're travelling abroad to worldwide destinations, you may come across other alternatives such as elephant and camel riding; by learning the basics of horse riding (hopefully) learning to ride a different animal will be a lot easier.

What are your top sports activities to do in October? Why not let us know in the comments! If you enjoyed this blog, please like and share it with your family and friends - who knows, you might just inspire them to also live life to the full!

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