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Top 20 Gap Year Activities

A gap year is an adventure, a time for exploration and excitement. You will be on an extended trip away from home, able to do and experience things and cultures which you may never have been exposed to before.During holidays like these, many people decide to partake in activities and pursuits which may not be readily available in their homeland. These range extensively from relaxing leisure interests to extreme and exciting sports.

Depending on your destination, you could do things you have always wanted to. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you may wish to go bungee jumping and abseiling, or you may be a nature lover who has always dreamt of a safari and swimming with dolphins.

Below is our list of the top 20 must do activities during your gap year:

1. Bungee Jumping in New Zealand
2. Segway tour of Barcelona
3. Paragliding in Greece
4. Skiing in Switzerland
5. Zorbing in Wales
6. Safari in Kenya
7. Kayaking in America
8. Scuba Diving in Barbados
9. Abseiling in China
10. Skydiving in Australia
11. Snorkelling in Hawaii
12. Surfing in South Africa
13. Whale watching in California
14. Sailing in the Mediterranean
15. Cycling in France
16.Canoeing in Canada
17.Horse Riding in Mexico
18.Quad Biking in Spain
19.Glass bottom boating in the Bahamas
20.Rambling in Scotland

Whatever you get up to on your travels, make sure that your travel insurance will cover your participation in these activities. Many people do not realise that most insurance policies do not automatically cover them for hazardous activities, and any accidents or injuries abroad can prove extremely annoying and expensive if you do not invest in sufficient travel insurance.

At Alpha Travel Insurance, we believe you should be free to enjoy what ever activities you desire, that's why our Longstay Travel Insurance automatically covers a wide range of activities and pursuits, plus you can choose to extend your cover to incorporate the more unusual adventures.

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