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Top 20 Activities for Longstay Travellers [Infographic]

At Alpha Travel Insurance, we truly believe there's nothing quite like a long holiday; in fact - the longer the better! Some of the most poignant holiday memories you could ever have are those in which we travel for a period of many weeks, or even months. Whether it's a gap year to Thailand, a year-long English-teaching trip to China, or a summer spent working the fields in the outback of Australia, these are the kinds of longstay vacations that shape us as people for the rest of our lives.

With this in mind, we've put together our top 20 list of popular longstay trips you're bound to enjoy and remember for a lifetime. Oh, and whatever life changing trip you choose to enjoy, we highly recommend investing in longstay travel insurance!

Alpha Travel Insurance - Top 20 Activities for Longstay Travel


Top 20 Activities for Longstay Travellers (text-version)

1.Teach English in China

2.Safari in Kenya

3.Work the land in Australia

4.Learn Arabic in the Middle East

5.Travel through France by train

6.Party like its Spring Break in Mexico

7.Walk the Inca trail in South America

8.Dive and snorkel the Bahamas

9.Trek the Nepalese moutain range

10.Go bungee jumping in New Zealand

11.Drive Route 66 across America

12.Study in Switzerland

13.Ride elephants in India

14.Discover yourself in Thailand

15.Go barmy at a British music festival

16.Ski the Canadian slopes

17.Sail the Mediterranean

18.Join a missionary programme in Africa

19.Take a surf trip in Hawaii

20.Turtle conservation in Greece

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