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Top 10 Travel Secrets Revealed

Whether you're backpacking around the world or simply looking for a well-deserved sunshine break, there's a secret art to travelling well. For example, when you're out seeing the world for a long period of time, you learn an array of travel tips as you go that make your trip that little bit simpler and easier. We've put together some of our favourites below;

  1. Carry carrier bags - Great for separating the contents of your bag, storing dirty clothes, sandy beach towels, wet swimwear, etc. The best thing is they weigh pretty much next to nothing!
  2. Bring a clothes peg with you - Perfect to clip the curtains together if the bright strip of light between them wakes you up in the mornings.
  3. Don't carry all of your money in one place - A hotel safe is great for storing all those important essentials whilst abroad and keeping them protected. But what happens if you're travelling to your new destination? Consider splitting up your cash and storing some in a 'dummy wallet'. If you are mugged, the dummy wallet can be used for this purpose.
  4. Bring a small amount of laundry detergent with you - This can be stored inside one of those small travel sized bottles. Learning to wash your clothes in a hotel or hostel sink can come in very handy if you run out of clean clothes or if you need to wash something but can't find a launderette.
  5. Roll your clothes instead of folding them - Not only does this prevent creasing, but is in fact a more efficient way to pack. Try and alternative heavier parts of clothing, such as waistbands so that your bag is an even weight on both sides. If you're carrying a rucksack round with you, efficient packing will mean your bag will sit straight and therefore will help to ease the strain on your back. For more packing tips check out our 'How to Pack Using Only Hand Luggage' blog post.
  6. Learn how to swim - If you can confidently swim, this can potentially save your life in certain situations.
  7. Check that your phone and bank cards will work abroad - This is a common mishap that is often overlooked, but can save you time and hassle if you prepare these correctly before you leave. Check with your phone operator that you are able to roam whilst abroad and if you are likely to incur any additional charges. Local sim cards are often cheaper and can be obtained once you reach your destination - just don't forget to let everyone back home what the number is if they need to get hold of you. If you use your bank card while abroad and do not let your bank know in advance of your trip, they may temporarily block your card to prevent any 'suspicious and fraudulent activity'. Even though it may just be your genuine holiday spending, the bank will see it as out of your ordinary pattern. Let them know before you go!
  8. Pack sandals or flip flops - If you're staying in a hostel or camping, the shower blocks may not be as pristine as you'd like them to be. Hair and dirt accumulates quickly, and wearing flip flops can be lifesavers in these situations. The best thing is that they dry very quickly and are lightweight; just remember to bring a spare pair if you're planning to wear them for the majority of your trip.
  9. Learn basic first aid - This is so important and can literally be a lifesaver.
  10. Check beforehand if the water is safe to use - Things like brushing your teeth, using drinking water from the same tap as the shower, ice in drinks and alcoholic drinks.

What tips and tricks have you learnt on your travels? Why not let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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