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Tips for Travelling Over Christmas

Tis the season for flight delays, bad weather and travel chaos for those using airlines over the festive period, with reports revealing the UK's top two largest airports, Gatwick and Heathrow to be among the busiest.

Statistics revealed that nearly 50% of departures from these two airports alone were disrupted, and travellers have been advised to try using an alternative airport such as Stansted if travelling out of London.

Smaller airport Stansted only had 22% of flights affected in comparison to Heathrow at 47% and Gatwick at 38%. Out of a total of 9.521 flights that were departing from the UK's largest airport Heathrow, 4,409 were delayed and a total of 63 were completely cancelled with safety reasons including high winds and rain.

Top 10 worst airports for Christmas flight disruptions:

-          London Heathrow - 47%

-          London Gatwick - 45%

-          Bristol - 37%

-          Newcastle - 36%

-          Manchester - 36%

-          Glasgow GLA - 35%

-          Southampton - 33%

-          Cardiff - 32%

-          Edinburgh - 31%

-          Liverpool - 31%

Christmas and New Year is a peak time for travel in the UK, however the unpredictable weather means that flight cancellations, delays and disruptions can be all too common at this time of year. However many travellers do not know their rights when it comes to airline disruption as airlines frequently do not advertise that fact that travellers are sometimes entitled to compensation and passengers are often left in the dark with little to no information about how to claim.

Airlines may be obliged to provide hotel accommodation, snacks, telephone calls, refreshments... even if the issue is not their fault. For example, a three hour delay could mean that you are eligible to £200 compensation, rising to £475 per passenger depending on your flight duration and the amount of time you are delayed for.

It is always worth speaking to your airline first in the event of travel delay over the Christmas season and asking what they are able to do for you in the event of travel delay. Always ensure you have a suitable winter travel insurance policy too that covers you for a variety of different things such as cancellation and travel delay.

Winter travel tips:

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