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Tim’s Thrill-Seeking Skydiving Story

Usually done as a charity event or for a taste of adventure, skydiving is one of those once in a lifetime moments that you are sure not to forget in a hurry! We caught up with thrill-seeker Tim Greenfield to share his skydiving experience with us!

  • Where and when did you skydive?

I skydived in Headcorn, Kent, in September 2010.

  • How did you feel before take-off? Were you nervous?

Before going up in the plane, I had a tensed body and was deep breathing. However, when flying in the plane prior to the jump, you can get a sense of the amount of scope and amazing scenery you shall see. It does feel rather intimidatingly thrilling when you think about how high you will be and going up way beyond the ground, mountains and buildings. The ascending of the plane is not for the fainthearted, as it does cause unsettled nerves when you're going above the clouds.

  • Did you have any special instructions to follow?

I was given instructions upon falling which required me to spread my arms out and tuck them in when tapped upon the shoulder. This is because you cannot hear each other (besides yourself initially screaming in all likelihood!) or anything else but the flowing of the wind in your face until the parachute opens.

Protection of your eyes from the wind is also needed and I was instructed to wear goggles. This is because the winds are very strong as you fall, and the goggles are essential to allow a near uninterrupted view of everything all around you.

  • How high were you and how long did it last?

My skydive jump took place at around 12,000 feet but this can vary depending on your preferences to be of higher or lower height. The actual free fall lasts around 15 minutes in total with the opening of the chute being the longest part.

  • How did the experience make you feel?

The sensation of freefalling is of the most amazing and spiritual things to ever humanly do; it held feelings of being carefree and having no worries... just you (and your friends) and your skydiving buddy in the middle of the atmosphere.

  • What advice would you give to anyone thinking about doing a skydive?

Skydiving of either solo or tandem is one of the most unforgettable and amazing things you can do within the world. The unique view can only be described as breathtakingly eye opening. It is a view of a lifetime that you could not see in the same way if you were sat in an aeroplane travelling to another part of the world.

My advice for anyone thinking about doing a skydive is that it requires nerves of steel and you need to be able to maintain a clear trail of thought. Being 12,000 feet high in the atmosphere, all of your trust and faith is put in to your skydiving buddy who is in charge of pulling the parachute chord! You also need to be healthy and not have any existing aches or pains.

For experiences in life there is without question no other than free falling from the sky. I have walked away from my experience with nothing but amazement and wonder of the world we inhabit as well as memories to remember forever.

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