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Time Travel to Ancient Rome with New App

Previously we wrote about Google Maps reaching out to the avid backpacker with a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon, alongside a breathtaking insight into the underwater world of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. But if you've ever been a fan of exploring ancient ruins and have a love of cultural heritage, we have something that might be up your street! A newly-launched iPad app now allows users to travel back in time and immerse themselves into a virtual re-build of the ancient city.

The app, Roman Ruins, offers a ground-breaking and unique way to explore the entire Roman Empire from the comfort of your own home. There are many things to explore including Roman baths, temples, amphitheatres, underground sites and plenty more hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Whether you fancy taking a virtual trek to the top of Palatine Hill or pretend you're marching towards Hadrian's Wall, the app provides a fascinating glimpse into what Rome looked like all those years ago.

Google Street View is used as the basic structure for the app with an additional 1,500 images layered on top. The app features more than 350 famous landmarks and historical sites across the city, also boasting a range of educational information including guides, top ten lists and Editor's favourite picks.

Both Google Street View and the Roman Ruins app serve as a reminder that technology is advancing and offering an interesting way to see the world.

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