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The Ultimate Skiing Wish List

If you're one of the many Britons heading abroad for a skiing holiday this year, then you're probably looking forward to a great few days on the slopes while enjoying an exhilarating hobby in a beautiful location. However, what constitutes the ultimate skiing holiday? Doubtless everyone has their own take on this but we did a little digging around and think we've discovered the answer.

The destination

Skiers and snowboarders are often spoilt for choice when picking a destination abroad, but a study published earlier this year by Owners Direct - a holiday home company - revealed that, this winter, more individuals enquired about skiing resorts in France than any other destination.

Although this suggests that France is becoming the destination of choice for winter sports enthusiasts, the research also revealed that resorts in locations such as Austria, Switzerland, and Bulgaria were still of interest - skiing off piste has also become a favourite trend - more on this here.

This raises an interesting question - if the research is accurate and France truly is the most popular country for skiers this year, should it be number one on your wish list?

Potentially, with the majority of these individuals popping over the Channel, skiing resorts in the area could get a little crowded. If you don't like sharing your space with hundreds of people, it might be a good idea to investigate another seemingly less-popular destination. According to Owners Direct's research, it appears fewer Britons are heading to Italy lately - despite the area having some brilliant resorts.

Winter mountains, Rifugio Citta di Milano ( Schaubachhutte) - It

The gear

From the best skiing helmets to a decent pair of boots, skiers and snowboarders will want to ensure they're comfortable as well as safe while on the slopes. Although everyone will have their preferred manufacturers, here are a few things which you might want to bear in mind when selecting your apparel:

Although this short guide should help you pick the ideal kit, always discuss this with a specialist retailer prior to purchase. Furthermore, always remember that - if money is tight - you should be able to rent gear through many resorts.

The companions

We have the destination and the gear sorted, now all we need to do is select the perfect travel companions. Fortunately, many of you should have this sorted already and determined which people make this pastime truly unforgettable.

As testament to this, Monarch Airlines polled more than 4,000 Britons this year and discovered that only three percent of these individuals were planning on travelling alone. The rest were either intending on skiing as a couple or with family and friends.

Additional skiing hints and tips

We hope that you enjoy your skiing holiday this year and our guide ensures you have a wonderful time on the slopes - whatever destination, gear, or companions you choose.

However, for additional tips on how to plan your skiing break and things to watch out for when participating in this activity, read our in-depth winter travel guide. It should hopefully contain everything you need!

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