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The Top 5 Essential Holiday Items

Do you ever find yourself in a situation thinking "œI wish I'd brought this" or "œI wish I'd packed that"? Forgetting to pack items for your trip is a common occurrence, but if you make check lists in preparation for your trip, you can rest assured you won't have left those all-important items behind!

1 - Travel Documents

The number one item on our list, but you'd be surprised how many people forget to pack their passports, travel insurance policy (with policy reference number!) and other essential travel documents! It is a good idea to make colour photocopies of these to take with you and also leave a copy with a friend or family member back home.

2 - Adaptor plug

Hairdryer? Check! Shaver? Check! Travel adaptor plug? Er... you get the idea!

Make sure you don't forget to pack this essential item! It is a good idea to do your research before you travel - check what type of plug socket you will need to bring for your destination/s and consider leaving the unneeded parts at home. Plug socket adaptors can be hard to find whilst abroad unless you know where to look, but if all else fails you may be able to pick one up at the airport.

3 - A clothes peg

Ever been trying to sleep and noticed that bright strip of light down the middle of the curtains? Clip them together with a clothes peg (or two!) - Problem solved!

4- Plastic Bags

Really? Yes! Plastic bags are great for wrapping round items of clothing and toiletries when packing to help avoid any spillages or mishaps. (We've all been there!) They are also great for separating the clean clothes from the dirty, holding wet beach towels, swimwear, sandy items.... And best of all, they weigh next to nothing!

5 - Ear plugs and eye mask

We've cheated a little and included two items, however they pretty much go hand in hand! Small and light, they are great for catching forty winks on the plane without being disturbed!


What are your essential items that you pack for your trips abroad? Why not share them with us in the comments!

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