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The Most Powerful Passports in the World

Travelling allows us to completely escape the everyday grind once in a while and provide us with the chance to relax. If you're travelling abroad by plane in particular, you will most certainly be required to have a passport in order to travel. The notion of owning a passport gives travellers the sense that they are free to roam where they please and see what the world has to offer... or so you would think. In this blog post, we're taking a look at some of the world's most 'powerful' passports that allow you to globetrot to many different countries, alongside the ones that barely let you travel at all!

Countries such as Cuba and North Korea might be expected to be quite far down in the list of travel freedom, however they in fact were placed in the table at positions 86 and 69 with a total point score of 94.

The countries with the best passports:

1st with 174 points = Finland, Germany, Sweden, USA, United Kingdom.

2nd with 173 points = Canada, Denmark.

3rd with 172 points = Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Korea (Republic of South), Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain.

The countries with the most restricted passports:

89th with 38 points = Eritrea, Libya, Sudan, Syria.

90th with 37 points = Nepal.

91st with 35 points = Palestinian Territory.

92nd with 32 points = Pakistan, Somalia.

93rd with 31 points = Iraq.

94th with 28 points = Afghanistan.

The research was conducted by Henley and Partners who are a global consulting firm, with the results being ranked based on obtaining a certain score. The overall score for each country is based on a variety of different elements such as visa regulations as well as the number of other countries in which their citizens are able to freely travel to and from without requiring a visa at all.

There are many different types of visa for different things such as studying, working and emigrating. Depending on where you are from, the passport you hold and where you are travelling to, a visa is likely to play an important role in your travels as without one, you won't be allowed to enter your desired country. The majority of the time, a visa needs to be obtained in good time prior to travel; with a total of 19% of the entire world's population able to travel without having a visa, whereas 16% are able to obtain a visa upon arrival at their destination.

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