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The Importance of a Gadget Extension for Travel Insurance – Keeping Your Stuff Safe

Technology has become smaller and lighter, basically it's become easier to carry and travel with, so more and more of us are taking away our smartphones, tablets, music players and e-Readers so that we're not without our digital home comforts whilst we're away.

Whether we're reading, listening to music, watching the latest films, binge-watching our favourite TV shows or using our gadgets to stay in contact with what's going on at home, AXA estimates that last year, British holidaymakers collectively took more than £8 billion worth of gadgets on holiday with them - and it's not just the younger generations who are packing their suitcases to the brim with black screens and chargers. 70% of over-50s take at least one gadget away with them on holiday, and 20% said they would be taking away a tablet like an iPad or a Kindle. The interesting stat which hasn't been covered is how many damaged their gadgets whilst on holiday and the percentage who actually had taken out gadget travel insurance.

The confusion and disorientation that comes with travelling can mean that we're not always as focused as we should be on these types of personal possessions, especially if we're using them almost consistently whilst waiting for our flight, on the flight, or in the transport queue to your holiday accommodation, therefore our precious gadgets become easy targets for individuals which are loitering and targeting tourists.

Top Tips Against Gadget Theft

Don't flash your valuables, keep them in your hand or near you if you're not using them. Pack well, make sure you pack them well away at the bottom of your bag, not just stashed on top which makes them visible to thieves and easier to grab.

That holiday rush that means that we're more focused on actually getting to our destination as opposed to focusing on keeping our things safe, and the increasing ease and comfort of transport means that there are plenty of ways we can leave our gadgets behind, tucked into handy pockets, shelves or hotel safes. We can lose, misplace and forget our things all the time at home, but when you're on holiday, the chances of it turning up several weeks later when you're back in the UK are pretty slim!

Top Tips Against Gadget Loss

Top Tips Against Gadget Damage

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